Our Food Service Goods

Complete your food service dessert menu with our pre-cut bite-sized cakes, pastries and cookies.

Code: Q2
Ref# 10366
Pack Count: 20 (700g)
Real mascarpone cheese mousse and cocoa powder
Tiramisu Mini Cake
Code: CH2
Ref# 10368
Pack Count: 20 (700g)
Chocolate Heaven. Chocolate buttercream on moist chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate Dream Mini Cake
Code: K2
Ref# 10370
Pack Count: 20 (700g)
Tart and sweet Raspberry mousse and syrup glaze.
Raspberry Mousse Mini Cake
Code: L2
Ref# 10365
Pack Count: 20 (700g)
Mocha mousse with syrup glaze
Mocha Mousse Mini Cake
Code: CA2
Ref# 10369
Pack Count: 20 (700g)
Fresh shredded carrots and cream cheese frosting.
Golden Carrot Mini Cake
Code: Y
Ref# 10347
Pack Count: 42 (1050g)
Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet moist bundt cake bites.
Assorted Mini Bundt Cakes
Code: C
Ref# 10004
Pack Count: 63 (900g)
Perfect bite of toasted coconut flakes and cream.
Coconut Mousse Cake
Code: G
Ref# 10007
Pack Count: 63 (1200g)
Fresh carrot and mix of spices.
Carrot Cake
Code: H
Ref# 10008
Pack Count: 63 (1000g)
Tropical sweet coconut flavor.
Coconut Cake
Code: J
Ref# 10009
Pack Count: 63 (900g)
Rich maraschino cherry and dark chocolate taste.
Black Forest Cake
Code: AJ
Ref# 10011
Pack Count: 63 (900g)
Bold taste of cappuccino and chocolate.
Cappuccino Cake
Code: K
Ref# 10013
Pack Count: 63 (1475g)
Fruity creamy raspberry mousse.
Raspberry Mousse Cake
Code: L
Ref# 10014
Pack Count: 63 (1475g)
Decadent creamy mocha mousse.
Mocha Mousse Cake
Code: W
Ref# 10015
Pack Count: 63 (1475g)
Refreshing creamy mango mousse.
Mango Mousse Cake
Code: Q
Ref# 10346
Pack Count: 63 (1100g)
Rum based creamy tiramisu mascarpone mousse.
Tiramisu Mousse Cake
Code: CHC
Ref# 10217
Pack Count: 42 (1000g)
Double chocolate mousse treat.
Code: MGC
Ref# 10218
Pack Count: 42 (1000g)
Tropical mango mousse.
Code: BRC
Ref# 10219
Pack Count: 42 (1000g)
Berrylicious whipped mousse.
Code: CC
Ref# 10031
Pack Count: 3 (455g)
Vanilla and cinnamon.
Coffee Cake
Code: CD
Ref# 40002
Pack Count: 3 (408g)
Airy soufflé cheesecake with full lemon zest flavor.
Code: A
Ref# 10001
Pack Count: 4 (1365g)
Vanilla cream rolled in ultra moist cake base.
Cream Jelly Roll
Code: AH
Ref# 10331
Pack Count: 4 (1365g)
Fluffy mocha cake rolled with light chocolate cream.
Mocha Jelly Roll
Code: B
Ref# 20004
Pack Count: 49 (1200g)
Flaky pastry layered with custard and icing sugar.
Code: PS
Ref# 20001
Pack Count: 42 (450g)
Puff pastry with real strawberry filling and whipped cream.
Cream Puff
Code: M
Ref# 20002
Pack Count: 42 (545g)
Puff pastry with homemade whipped cream.
Round Puff
Code: O
Ref# 20003
Pack Count: 42 (545g)
Puff pastry with homemade custard.
Long Puff
Code: NP
Ref# 10151
Pack Count: 40 (800g)
Fluffy meringue cake texture with homemade custard filling.
Code: P
Ref# 30001
Pack Count: 60 (720g)
Over 300 crisp pastry layers.
Palm Leaf
Code: U
Ref# 30003
Pack Count: 49 (570g)
Rich flaky puff pastry with decadent chocolate drizzle.
Butter Crisp
Code: V
Ref# 30004
Pack Count: 70 (910g)
Chewy yet crispy sweet coconut bites.
Coconut Macaroon
Code: T
Ref# 40015
Pack Count: 63 (1700g)
Cocoa brownie round bites.
Code: SW
Ref# 50017
Pack Count: 1 (2045g)
Sweet luscious strawberry filling and whipped cream.
Strawberry Shortcake Slab Cake
Code: SF
Ref# 50016
Pack Count: 1 (2045g)
German cake with real cherry maraschino filling and chocolate cake.
Black Forest Slab Cake
Code: ST
Ref# 50015
Pack Count: 1 (2500g)
Real carrot shreds, cinnamon and spices.
Carrot Creamcheese Slab Cake
Code: SP
Ref# 50014
Pack Count: 1 (1455g)
Aromatic and light cappuccino mousse taste.
Cappuccino Chocolate Slab Cake
Code: SH
Ref# 50013
Pack Count: 1 (1820g)
Silky chocolate truffle mousse and ganache.
Chocolate Truffle Slab Cake
Code: SB
Ref# 50012
Pack Count: 1 (1820g)
Velvety aromatic handcrafted vanilla buttercream.
Vanilla Buttercream Slab Cake
Code: MM
Ref# 50006
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Lightly whipped sweet mango mousse.
Mango Mousse Cake
Code: GT
Ref# 50005
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Bitter sweet matcha green tea mousse.
Green Tea Mousse Cake
Code: CO
Ref# 50003
Pack Count: 2 (525g)
A true coconut mousse dream.
Coconut Mousse Cake
Code: CH
Ref# 50002
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Chocolate mousse filling combines real chocolate and homemade whipped cream.
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Code: TM
Ref# 40001
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Our signature Tiramisu cake.
Tiramisu Cream Cake
Code: HR
Ref# 10088
Pack Count: 2 (525g)
Double chocolate heaven.
Chocolate Cream Cake
Code: TR
Ref# 50011
Pack Count: 2 (820g)
Fresh carrot and mix of spices.
Carrot Cream Cake
Code: PR
Ref# 50010
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Real fruit mango pineapple delight.
Mango-Pineapple Cream Cake
Code: FR
Ref# 50008
Pack Count: 2 (525g)
Real fruit cherry filling, silky smooth whipped cream.
Black Forest Cream Cake
Code: RS
Ref# 50007
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Refreshing strawberry puree blended into a silky-smooth strawberry mousse.
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Code: UR
Ref# 10084
Pack Count: 2 (900g)
Thick layer of real fruit blueberries.
Blueberry Cheesecake
Code: JS
Ref# 10115
(12 x 680g)
Refreshing strawberry jelly.
Strawberry Jelly Powder
Code: JO
Ref# 10115
(12 x 680g)
Sweet and ripe orange jelly dessert.
Orange Jelly Powder
Code: JL
Ref# 10115
(12 x 680g)
Zesty lemon jelly dessert.
Lemon Jelly Powder
Code: JLI
Ref# 10115
(12 x 680g)
Citrus lime jelly dessert.
Lime Jelly Powder
Code: JG
Ref# 10115
(12 x 680g)
Sweet and tart grape jelly dessert.
Grape Jelly Powder
Code: JMN
Ref# 10115
(12 x 680g)
Juicy tropical mango jelly dessert.
Mango Jelly Powder